Illustrative Case Study

Hydromea can detect and measure plumes in water at an unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution that is currently simply impossible to obtain with traditional technology.  And we do it in stunning 3D detail at a 10 to 100x less of a cost. 

Here is “cheers” to the new era of water management!

New Era of environmental water monitoring

Hydromea is a technology and water sensing provider offering water quality measurements in 3D with unprecendented spatial and temporal resolution. 

In this illustrative simulation example a fleet of 10 Vertex drones, aka AUVs – autonomous underwater vehicles, are equipped with the in-situ nitrate sensors and collect data in parallel, much faster than conventional vessels, in the Vidy bay, Switzerland.  Instead of few vertical profiles, rich volumetric 3D datasets are possible.  As data is collected much faster, spatial phenomena can be observed with good temporal resolution, and dynamic features can be tracked over multiple hours.

Traditional profiling

1 ship

2 crew

8 hours

12 locations

2’000 samples

Hydromea Solution

10 robots

1 crew

2 hours

3D map

75’000 samples


With Hydromea Vertex technology, mapping a wastewater plume off the coast can be performed 4 times faster and at less than 3% of the cost per data point of the traditional profiling.

But more than that, the resulting data set provides a detailed volumetric picture that takes all the guesswork out of the decision making for the water professionals.

These improved datasets enable new applications in plume detection and tracking, volumetric water analysis and observation of spatio-temporal phenomena over up to 10 hours.

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